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sleepwithlovely's Journal

A plateau is a high form of flattery
This is [most] of my life.

You can purchase a copy of my life for your very own. It's only $5, ppd.

Actually, the rest of my life is there, too.

adbusters, adrian tomine, adult swim, akhmatova, alla pugacheva, allen ginsberg, alt country, alternative lifestyles, amélie, andrew w.k., anime, anthony h. wilson, aqua teen hunger force, audrey hepburn, axel rose, ayn rand, bikini kill, blonde redhead, books, bright eyes, bubble babble, built to spill, bulgakov, burroughs, bust a move 99, c-average, cameos, carrie akre, cherries, christopher nolan, d.h. lawrence, david lynch, dieselsweeties, dispatch, dostoevsky, dragons, dreamcast, e.e. cummings, edward gorey, emo, etta james, ewan mcgreggor, excuse 17, fantasy/scifi, fashion, francis ford coppola, frank oz, friends, fyodor dostoevsky, gauntlet dark legacy, golden boy, grandaddy, guided by voices, hearts, home movies, hopeless records, indie, iskander, j.k. rowling, jack kerouac, james bond, jenny toomey, jim henson, jimi hendrix, joey lauren adams, joy division, jrr tolkien, kandinsky, kathleen hannah, kerouac, kevin smith, kill rock stars, koufax, le tigre, les savy fav, life without buildings, luke wilson, mandelstam, manga/anime, marvel, mates of state, mayakovsky, memento, modest mouse, moon ska records, neil gaiman, neko case, nintendo, osker, owen wilson, pavement, pelevin, piebald, pinback, platonov, playstation, poetry, pretty girls make graves, princess mononoke, punk rock, radiohead, riot grrl, roald dahl, russia, saddle creek records, save ferris, sega, sinfest, ska, sleater-kinney, soul calibur, soviet literature, stan lee, star trek, star wars, stereo total, strawberries, suicide machines, terry pratchett, that dog, the amazing spider-man, the cherry valence, the dismemberment plan, the doors, the gossip, the grey am, the onion, the plan, the princess bride, the promise ring, the strokes, the weakerthans, tim burton, tsunami, video games, vingtage fashion, web design, white stripes, x-men