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Blind hatred. It's what's for dinner.

I find it quite humorous that monsieur Anton hates me so much that he is an avid reader of my online journal. I guess I would rather him hate me than be indifferent towards me. At least hate is some form of emotion, and I know that they are so petty that they can not get over things which happened years ago.

What's even more hysterical is that I don't even know this person, and have never heard of him before. Apparently my name is dropped so much in hate-conversations or shit-talking that I'm an anti-celebrity.

And yeah, what happened to my car is quite hysterical, now that I think about it from someone else's perspective [though downright mean, at the same time]... I just wish people would quit hiding behind their
'balls'... real guts would have been to take the snack cakes and dunk my face into them. That would have been comedy, and sheer genius if they could have pulled it off.

Instead, they hide behind words.

However, it's a good thing the sleepwithlovely-Hate-Club is still alive and thriving.

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