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I feel very random today, but let me just say right now that I'm really irritated.

For one, I had a really strange dream while I took a nap. Something about schwarzbrille, bioproject, and Phil, and somehow being sort of locked in Phil's room with this very strange though very attractive man who I didn't recognize. And I didn't know it was Phil's room until bioproject and schwarzbrille walked in and inquired of what I was doing. I was also...mostly nekkid. Just my shirt off, but it was rather embarrassing because I couldn't find where it went, so I had to hunt down one of Phil's shirts. [yes, seahouse I'm talking about your brother...hehe] I don't know...it was odd. And man, the dorms in my dreams are always so swank. If we really had balconies like that and lived in an oasis, Tech would so rock.

For two, before the dream, I had a very aggravating call w/ the bandmates. We have a gig tomororw. We've got to practice tonight, but it's also Megan's 21st Birthday and I wanted to hang out with my other friends who I never see during the week. I also have tons of homework this weekend. Luis failed to tell me that he had to work this afternoon, from 2-5. So there goes my entire evening, devoted to not sucking tomorrow night. Grrr. I dont know, I know it doesnt seem that bad on the scale to you guys, but it does to me just the way the conversation ended up.

And...I just had a thought. Why is it bandmates, and classmates, but never workmates?

On another note, I'm in desparate need of some new lj icons.

Some exboyfriends are creepy, some exboyfriends are still kind of cool, and others just try way too hard to impress me/compete with me. I think I hate the last one the most. That's really the last thing I need right now, thanks. At least the creepy ones watch from far away and don't get in my face about pointless banter.

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