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Today has been interesting. Not interesting in the sense that anything interesting really happened, just interesting in the way I have been feeling. This whole week has just been one long string of events leading up to something just absolutely horrible. I don't know what that is yet, but it's inevitable. I just hope it isn't our show.

I just had a screaming match with my mother (again). I don't know what her deal is sometimes, but apparently I'm not pulling my weight around here [which is I guess founded, but in my eyes it's just that I'm never fucking home]. I was actually really afraid that I was truly going to be kicked out this time, but alas, I'll have to wait. Tomorrow I'm going to go apply for a job at the Avalanche-Journal, and see if anything comes out of that. If it does, I'm going to start making plans to move out, though I probably won't have a life again for quite some time. My classes are ten times harder than I thought they were going to be. So between school, the U.D., KTXT, my band(s), and a job, this semester is going to be hell. Thank God, however, for being a slacker and only in twelve hours [if even ridiculously hard twelve hours- I'm supposed to be reading about 100-200 pages a night, and writing three to four essays a week].

Today I feel like utter crap though, even aside from the fight with my mother and the fact that today I officially have a black eye. I don't know, I just haven't felt...right. I'm trying not to be upset about me and Wes breaking up, I know he's just a jerk of a pothead and that non-potheads dating potheads doesn't ever work. If that makes any sense. But...I don't know, I was still ridiculously in like with the boy. *sigh* I guess I'll just have to find someone else to be ridiculously in like with [though this effort has been brewing for quite sometime, and it's so secret in fact that no one really even knows about it, and I didn't honestly until it hit me a few weeks ago, and then especially this weekend...but this one is staying definitely a secret].

So tonight after practice [the actual kind-not like the last fake kind we had last night] I'm staying over at schwarzbrille's place since I have my first 6-9 am DJ shift. If you happen to listen [ http://www.ktxt.net/ ] and catch the reference in my DJ name, I'll make you a mix tape! ... a really really really ridiculously good mix tape!

note to self: go buy big-ass headphones

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