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the deailo on the shizzy that hizzy'd last nizzy.

OK, so thanks to everyone for showing some concern. I'm a little better now, thanks mainly to my wonderous stage makeup skillz. I got a few funny looks in class, but nothing moreso than normal. Mainly, I was stupid, not watching where I was going, it was dark [my usual excuse], and while jabbering with my step-twin I managed not to notice those stupid median things between the cars, and the next thing I know my face is against the pavement. However, I have the absolute best friends ever, and Luis is cool enough to a) know Spanish, so he could talk to the custodials about getting a bag of ice, and b) have a first aid kit in his car. Kennedy and I ran to the girls' bathroom and proceeded to wash my hands and face, my hands though thankfully for Sunday's show are O.K. My knee also got pretty banged up, but luckily I didn't knock out a tooth or anything. And I didn't even cry until I got on my phone to call my mother. It's a lot worse than it looks, but feels a lot better than it should.

Yesterday was actually pretty fun, up until the very end anyways. We trained at KTXT w/ Clint, and although I missed getting to the Amaranth to watch Andy's last set, and yesterday's errands were really rushed and I've gotten virtually no more reading on War and Peace done, I had a great time hanging out with Kennedy and getting to know everyone else up at the station as well as working on promo stuff for the show.

We're practicing again tonight, so I'm going to go eat, change my strings, write my linguistics essay, then go to the meeting, and then to Marcus's. It just never ends.

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