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don't worry, i'm with the band.

Fun Saturday night.

Hanging out with really cool people.

Some I had never met and others I hadn't seen since grade school.

It's still ridiculously cold in my house.

We're practicing with Marcus at 6. Yay for having a drummer, if even a temp one.

KTXT is going to rock this semester.

I'm glad Kennedy drug me to the hiring meeting, and I'm really glad I got a shift. Moreso now [after training and the party at Marcus's] than I was before.

I didn't realise that KTXT was so highly respected in the realm of college radio networks, but apparently it's in the top ten and one of the only actual fully student run in the top ten. I think I'm going to apply for the underwriting position, it's stuff I do already anyway, so why not?

I probably won't be updating this much anymore.

It's very quickly is losing its appeal.

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