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the news of TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) I got a D.J. position for KTXT for 6-9 am on Friday mornings. It's mostly request, so that means I get to be a deviate a little a not really pay any attention whatsoever to the playlist...er...I mean...I'm not ever going to play that Gravy Train song at 6:30 AM when everyone is trying to wake up, no way.

2) Speaking of the Gravy Train song that Kennedy and I have had stuck in our heads since me, her, Jake, Pinky and Tony were making waffles that morning in her kitchen down in Austin, she finally found it and is now burning like fifty billion copies. Everyone will know the beauty that is Gravy Train and the "Menz" e.p.

3) The prank on Marcus was priceless. It went a little something like this. Follow with me now. Me: "Hey, I got the zine done finally! Here's your copy." Him: [thumbing through it] "Wait...did you do this?" Me: "Do What?" Him: "Look." [points to his name, where it actually reads Carlos J. Parks instead of Marcus J. Parks.] Me: "Oh yeah, I did that. Wait, you are Carlos right?" Him: *pause* "No...it's Marcus." Ohhhhh it was priceless.

4) I made an executive decision today and made Marcus our drummer for the Bangs show. I figure it will be much easier than trying to meet someone new that I don't really know rather than just putting one of my friends behind a drumset and telling them to play.

5) Don't Kill the Messenger #2 is done, finally. Kennedy and I stayed up at Kinko's forever because the margins were being all screwy. Note to self, it's Word 97 all the way from now on. Screw Adobe Photoshop.

That's about it really. You Central/Standard Time Zoners should start listening to my show next week. Hooray!

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