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no nam nada ugrat'.

Well, even though the day began with the apt spring semester gloom and drizzle, it got better. The cool thing about my new coat, however, is that the pockets are the perfect size to carry a c.d. player in, so I walked from Ralph's [where I'm parking, yay for free parking is all I can say] to the FL jamming out to Erase Erata. I think my hair got some funny looks but it was cool. Searching aimlessly for my 3303 class, I ran headlong into Kimi and schwarzbrille looking awfully adorable in her bright orange and very swank Old 97's shirt [god we're such music geeks- I wore my Blood Brothers shirt today], chatted for a few minutes and then found the classroom on the opposite side of the FL. Russian was ok, my ear is considerably better than it was last year but my speaking has all gone to Hell since I didn't do any of it during the break [well very little anyway]. That, and there's this new fifth year student that transferred in who is mighty intimidating. Jake and I gave each other the "oh crap" eyes every once and awhile. History was really cool though. I ran into a girl who lived on one of my halls at some point, and we sat in the back and gossiped for awhile. My professor though is this really cute Holocaust studies specialist, and she's been to the Czech republic, and she's making us read Jack Kerouac's On the Road so she can't be all bad.

And now I'm home for my four hour break before my senior level linguistics class, about which I'm horribly terrified that they're going to kick me out of due to lack of...uh...prerequisites. And then at six is a KTXT meeting. Hooray for going to be a DJ this year.

So that, ladies and gentleman, has been the first day of school so far. God I wish I could just stay in college forever.

[watch this change come midterms]

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