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creating monsters by the dozen, and one of them is me

I was in a great fucking mood earlier. I played my first open mike at the Amaranth and I was scared to death but Trees + Jackie were dancing and being silly and Andy was there which helped a lot [and Sebastian didn't boo me off the couch]...I'm gonna go back next week since he moves a week from Sunday. All the cool people move the minute I meet them. I'm really gonna miss that boy. The set was fun though, after I got over the initial tension-I use the word fuck a lot when I'm nervous, I've noticed. I told the audience to fuck the super bowl and come watch my band play. It was kind of funny because I dont think anyone was expecting all the negative energy.

And then, I checked my email, and realized two things:

a) I'm really fucking far behind on Sweet Anthem Press/Don't Kill the Messenger stuff, and school starts tomorrow, not to mention the five billion things I need to get done before the show in a week and a half. [By the way, rakastaa, I borrowed one of the photos you send me - the one of your guitar - for the cover of issue 2. it's pretty swank, I'll send you one when they're done.]

b) my friend Patrick is getting shipped out to Kuwait on Valentine's Day. That fucking sucks. I fucking hate the current administration. Remind me not to work for the Homeland Defense system as originally planned. I'm not advocating senseless war or terrorism.

I was going to pull an all-nighter, but fuck it all, I think I'm going to bed. I feel like crying for too many reasons and it's cold as Hell in my room.

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